Early Childhood

Our goal is to ameliorate the need for thoughtful, purposeful, and literacy-driven virtual educational instruction.

Kindergarten Readiness

The Early Childhood Curriculum teaches children ages 3-5 vital skills needed for a successful transition to Kindergarten.  The distinctiveness of our program also prepares these young learners for school admissions assessments. Enriched is also happy to support children as a first school experience and bolster their curiosity and love of learning.


The Early Childhood Curriculum at Enriched encompasses all the skills required for kindergarten readiness. These include colors, shapes, numbers, letter recognition, phoneme recognition, number sense, rhyming, visual/spatial awareness, non-verbal reasoning, expressive and receptive language tasks, general knowledge and more. Our objective is not to replace the socialization and exposure afforded by school, but rather to distill the skills-based portion of the school experience into succinct, effective segments. Children learn essential skills through engaging, intentional one-on-one sessions that provide a foundation for success in primary school and beyond. 

Focus on Phonics

Phonics are the foundation upon which one of life’s most fundamental academic capabilities is built.

At Enriched, we follow the Orton Gillingham phonics sequence. Introducing the letters in this way ensures that each day of instruction builds upon the previous. Children learn phonemes, letter recognition and the motor plans for upper and lowercase letters. As children gain confidence in this area, Head Teachers move the children towards blending basic consonant-vowel-constant words as appropriate. Children embrace their new reading “super powers” as they begin sight word recognition and decoding. The goal of the Early Childhood program is to provide students with the necessary phonemic foundation for fluid, natural reading. Meeting with a Head Teacher three times per week provides the repetition and consistency necessary to get children on the road to reading. 


Multimodal learning

Our curriculum is guided by brain research on the most effective educational practices and our extensive experience in the virtual classroom.  We offer this model as an alternative to parents who are seeking to supplement their child's current virtual or in-school experience or as a core educational program. 

Our Early Childhood curriculum is rife with opportunities for hands-on learning. We know that 85% of learners are kinesthetic learners and only 5% are auditory learners, and yet most teaching in schools is done on the auditory level. Sessions at Enriched are messy and involved. Children rifle through craft bins to dig out exactly the right apparatus for the activity on hand, whether it be glue, markers, scissors, stickers or more. Students use play dough and kinetic sand to form letters, paints to explore primary and secondary colors, and post-its and counters to build number sense. Engaging children on the physical level forges the brain-body connection necessary for retention of key concepts. As an added bonus, requiring children to manage their own materials builds critical executive functioning skills pivotal to school success.  

About Enriched

Enriched is a literacy education company that provides literacy programming for children in nursery through fourth grade. Established by two New York City veteran educators, Enriched uses multi-sensory, skills-based instruction to help young children develop as readers, writers, and thinkers. Enriched is committed to its one-for-one program and enrolling children in need.



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