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Coach, Mentor, Teacher

At Enriched, we know the most critical ingredient to academic success is immediate, targeted, clear feedback. Head Teachers work closely with students to understand optimal learning styles and meet children where they are at on the academic continuum. Our live, one-on-one sessions will provide the scaffolding and support your child needs to improve as a reader, writer, thinker and student. 

The Arc

With a results-oriented and comprehensive approach to literacy, Enriched provides a pathway to fluency,  for emerging readers and to higher order thinking skills for developed readers. Our program leverages phonics work, whole language acquisition, and critical thinking tasks to elevate your child's reading ability.


Why Enriched?

Unlike traditional "tutoring" agencies that triage targeted problem areas, we have designed a balanced literacy program that educates the whole child. Literacy is taught in tandem with executive functioning, functional learning, and numeracy skills. We build up confidence and competence in  problem solving abilities.

Reader. Writer. Thinker. Mathematician. Doer.

Why settle for just one?

About Enriched

Enriched is a literacy education company that provides literacy programming for children in nursery through fourth grade. Established by two New York City veteran educators, Enriched uses multi-sensory, skills-based instruction to help young children develop as readers, writers, and thinkers. Enriched is committed to its one-for-one program and enrolling children in need.



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