The Curriculum

The Early 

Childhood Curriculum

This curriculum supports children in learning vital skills needed for a successful transition to kindergarten and beyond. Our curriculum was created utilizing brain research on the most effective early childhood educational practices and our extensive experience in the virtual classroom. Thrice weekly one-on-one sessions between the child and a Head Teacher include instruction in phonemic awareness, number recognition, shapes, colors, sequencing, sorting and fine motor development. Opportunities to bolster executive functioning skills and social/emotional awareness abound, and teachers are trained to capitalize on these learning opportunities. Lessons are personalized and cleverly crafted to engage all of the child's senses, and teachers work hard to form meaningful connections with their students. The goal is for children to eagerly anticipate returning to the virtual classroom for each session.


The Early

Elementary Curriculum

This curriculum consists of two days of reading and one day of writing. Reading days will focus on decoding skills- fluency, accuracy and speed-as well as higher order thinking skills and reading comprehension. Children will be asked to read a text with a Head Teacher to practice oral fluency, receive vocabulary enrichment and enhance grammar skills. Children will also be taught thematic elements-setting, character, and plot-in a way that is fun, multi-sensory and engaging. The writing program teaches children how to form concise paragraphs, with strong topic sentences and supporting details. Vocabulary and sentence structure will be emphasized using creative and kinesthetic methods.  The first six weeks will focus on analytical writing, with opportunities for persuasive/informational essays and creative writing should the student choose to continue in the program.


About Enriched

Enriched is a literacy education company that provides literacy programming for children in nursery through fourth grade. Established by two New York City veteran educators, Enriched uses multi-sensory, skills-based instruction to help young children develop as readers, writers, and thinkers. Enriched is committed to its one-for-one program and enrolling children in need.



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