1. Is my child required to enroll for all six weeks?

In short, the answer is no. However, we strongly encourage you to enroll for the entire six week period for two main reasons. First, each week's lessons scaffold off the previous week's material. There is a concentrated, thoughtful flow to the curriculum that allows for clear and concise instruction. Second, we cannot guarantee specific days/times unless they are reserved in advance. After-school hours tend to book quickly. 

2.  What is the schedule for the six week course?

Students will receive three half-hour sessions per week.

3. My child's previous virtual learning experiences have not been enjoyable or effective. How is your program different?

Our curriculum is concentrated, kinesthetic, personalized and fun. Our experience and research shows us that individualized, 30 minute bursts of literacy-based skills instruction is the most efficient way to support young virtual learners. Our Head Teachers work to create meaningful connections with their students, so they look forward to the sessions each week. Additionally, Head Teachers frame activities and lesson plans within the context of a child's learning profile, employing kinesthetic, auditory, and visual pedagogical approaches based on a child's optimal learning style. 

4. How does enrollment work?

Families who fill out an inquiry form will be contacted within two business days to discuss our recommendations based on the options they are interested in. Once the program of study is decided upon and schedules are aligned, families will be directed to our website for payment. Enrolled families will also receive access to our recommended materials and homework sheets.

5. Do you provide feedback throughout the week?

Head Teachers are in close contact with parents. You will receive some feedback, via email, after each session and a full progress report with suggested enrichment activities after the third session of the week. We are a results oriented enrichment program and are invested in your child's success. We want to hear your feedback and support you on this journey as well.

6. What if my child is not receptive to the program. Do you offer refunds?

We encourage families to complete at least the first three sessions of Week One. Some children can be more hesitant and need a bit of time to settle in. Our Head Teachers are patient. If the child can only attend for 15 minutes of the first session, for example, we will meet with them for the additional 15 minutes later that day or week. Families may get a full refund, minus the classes attended, if they are not satisfied with the program.

7. Do you offer in-person enrichment?

Yes. Enriched can arrange for in-person tutoring/enrichment in New York City and Palm Beach. Families and tutors will work closely together, prior to the sessions, to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

If you have any additional questions or queries, please fill out an inquiry form here.

About Enriched

Enriched is a literacy education company that provides literacy programming for children in nursery through fourth grade. Established by two New York City veteran educators, Enriched uses multi-sensory, skills-based instruction to help young children develop as readers, writers, and thinkers. Enriched is committed to its one-for-one program and enrolling children in need.



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